The Gallery on the London Art Week 

The 2021 edition of London Art Week, which will take place online with the works visible from life in the Gallery in Rome, will allow a series of new acquisitions to be presented to the public.  

It is now a tradition for our Gallery to present significant portraits and self-portraits of Italian artists of the twentieth century for this event. In addition to Galileo Chini’s Self-portrait as a painter and ceramicist of 1933, the rediscovery of extraordinary images, such as the self-portraits by Emanuele Rambaldi and Edmondo Poletti, and by Tripodi in sculpture, allows us to deepen the story of these perhaps peripheral and little-known masters, but capable of leaving a mark in the art of the time. The same can be said of Carlo Romagnoli, engaged in the portrait of an elegant man. 

Different is the case of the Portrait of Gabriele D’Annunzio by Paolo Troubetzkoy, executed in Paris in 1911, a work already famous in his time and today testified by this unique, precious bronze version. 

Added to this selection is a large cartoon, preparatory for a figure painting, Romanzo (Novel), where the founder of “Valori Plastici” and protagonist of the Return to Order Mario Broglio represented bathers, absorbed in the suspended atmosphere of magical realism. 

If these works are related in chronology and figurative currents, definitely isolated, in every sense, it appears a masterpiece of architecture, which is due to one of the greatest modern masters, Zaha Hadid, recently passed away. This is the study model, almost a three-dimensional preparatory drawing, created for the final phase of the 1999 MAXXI competition and donated by the author to the Superintendent of the National Gallery of Modern Art at the time, Sandra Pinto, who had initiated and chaired the competition. 

Paolo Troubetzkoy – Gabriele D’Annunzio

Carmine Tripodi – Self-portrait

Emanuele Rambaldi – Self-Portrait

Edmondo Poletti – Self-Portrait with Palette and Nude

Zaha Hadid – Projectual model for the contest of the Maxxi in Rome, final competition

Ettore Ferrari – Cum Spartaco pugnavit

Mario Broglio – Bathing in the Park (preparatory drawing)

Carlo Romagnoli – Male portrait

Giuseppe Siccardi – Self-portrait

Galileo Chini – Self-Portrait