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Flashback in Turin, between 4 and 7 November, will be an opportunity to present some unpublished works.

As a tribute to the city that hosts us, we will present the unpublished masterpiece by Marco Calderini The Po in Turin, a large view exhibited in 1880 at the Esposizione Nazionale in Turin.

The twentieth century will be represented by a series of self-portraits of painters and two large cartoons by Francesco Olivucci, with the themes of the aeronautical and naval arts and sciences for the government building in Forlì, and Mario Broglio for a work of Magic Realism such as Bath in the park.

Among the sculptures we will exhibit a rare terracotta by Ettore Ferrari with an historical and libertarian subject, Cum Spartaco pugnavit, preparatory for the large group exhibited in Turin in 1880, and the only known bronze version of the portrait of Gabriele D’Annunzio by Paolo Troubetzkoy of the 1911.

Flashback 4-7 November 2021, Turin ex Caserma Dogali, via Asti 22

Stand A2

Works by: Marco Calderini, Mario Broglio, Edmondo Poletti, Francesco Olivucci, Ettore Ferrari, Roberto Melli, Angelo Modotto, Edita Walterowna Broglio, Paolo Troubetzkoy, Giovanni David, Emilio Greco, Giuseppe Siccardi, Carlo Romagnoli, Alberto Martini.

Emilio Greco – Sybil (bronze)

Emilio Greco – Sybil (terracotta)

Edita Walterowna Broglio – Hamlet

Edita Walterowna Broglio – Venus at the mirror

Edita Walterowna Broglio – The Mutilated

Edita Walterowna Broglio – Still-life (in black)

Angelo Modotto – Self-portrait

Roberto Melli – The Worker

Francesco Olivucci – Aeronautical and Naval Sciences

Marco Calderini – The Po River at Turin

Paolo Troubetzkoy – Gabriele D’Annunzio

Edmondo Poletti – Self-Portrait with Palette and Nude

Ettore Ferrari – Cum Spartaco pugnavit

Mario Broglio – Bathing in the Park (preparatory drawing)

Carlo Romagnoli – Male portrait

Giuseppe Siccardi – Self-portrait

Giovanni David – Episode of Ancient History